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a big headache 令人头痛的工作

a fraction of 一部分

a matter of concern 焦点

a series of 一系列,一连串

above all 首要,特别是

absent from 不在,缺席

abundant in 富于

account for 解说

accuse sb of sth 指控

add to/add up to 添加

after all 终究,终究

agree with 赞同

ahead of time/schedule 提早


ahead of 在……之前

alien to 与……相反

all a会说话的安吉拉,高一到高三的关键词组汇总,建议熟背!,首席御医t once 忽然,一同

all but 简直;除了

all of a sudden 忽然

all over again 再一次,从头

all over 广泛

all right 令人满意的;可以

all the same 依然,照样的

all the time 一向,一直

angry with s繁衍器b at/about sth 气愤,愤恨

anxious about/for 担忧,忧虑

anything but 根本不

apart from 除了

appeal to 招引,申述,恳求

applicable to 适用于

apply to 适用

appropriate for/to 适宜

approximate to 近似,挨近

apt at 长于

apt to 易于

around the clock 废寝忘食

as a matter of fact 实践蔬果村的故事上

as a result(of) 因而,因为

as a rule 一般,按例

as far as ... be concerned 就...而言

as far as 远至,到...程度

as follows 如下

as for 至于,关于

as good as 和

as if 如同,防腐

as regards 关于,至于

as to 至于,关于

as usual 像往常相同,按例

as well as 除

as well 相同,也,还

ashamed of 惭愧,害臊

aside from 除

ask for the moon想入非非

at a loss 茫然,手足无措

at a time 一次,每次

at all costs 不吝一切价值

at all events 不论怎样,无论如何

at all times 随时,总是

at all 一点点(不),一点也不

at any rate 无论如何,至少

at best 充其量,至多

at first sight 乍一看,初看起来

at first 开端,起先

at hand 在手边,在邻近

at heart 内心里,本质上

at home 在家,在国内

at intervals 不时,每隔

at large 大多数,未被捕获的

at last 总算

at least 至少

at length 终究,总算

at most 至多,不逾越

at no time 从不,决不

at one time 早年,一度;一同

at present 现在,现在

at someone's disposal 任或人分配

at the cost of 以……为价值

at the mercy of 听凭

at the moment 此时,现在

at this rate 照此速度

at times 有时,间或

aware of 意识到


back and forth 来回地,重复地

back of 在……后边

back up 后备,援助

bare of 简直没有,短少

be able to do 可以

be around 差不多

be available to sb 可用,可供

be bound to 必定

be capable of doing 可以

be concerned with 关怀…,进入…

be dying to 巴望

be fed up with/be tired of 受够了

be in hospital 住院

be in season 上市的

be in the mood to do sth 想做

be pressed for time 时刻不行

be tied up with 忙于

be under the weather 身体欠好

beat around the bush 拐弯没角

beat the crowd 避开人群

before long 不久以后

behind schedule 误点

bent on sth 下定决心做…

besiadn029de point 离题的,不相干的

beyond one's ability 逾越或人的才能

beyond question 毫无疑问

book on reserve 须留的图书

booked up 订完了

bound for 开往

break down 抛锚

break though 打破

break up with/be through with/be finished with 和或人分手

bring about 使…发作

bring someone up to date/help someone catch up 帮或人赶上

by accident 偶然

by air 经过航空途径

by all means 尽一切办法,必须

by and by 不久,迟早

by chance 偶然,可巧

by far 最,...得多

by hand 用手,用膂力

by itself 自动地,单独地

by means of 用,依托

by mistake 过错地,宣化上人讲冯冯居士无意地

by no means 决不,并没有

by oneself 单独地,单独地

by reason of 因为

by the way 趁便说说

by virtue of 凭借,因为

by way of 经由,经过


call off 撤销

call on 召唤,约请,点或人的名,访问

capable of 可以

careful of/about/with 当心,留意

certain of /about 坚信,必定

chair a meeting 主持会议

charge sb with sth 指控


clear of 没有,不触摸

clever at 长于

close to 挨近,接近

come in contact with 与…取得联络

come out of sth alive 大难不死

come up (with) 提出,拿出

comparable to/with 比较

conscious of 察觉到,意识到

consequent on 随之而来

considerate towards 谅解,关心

contemporary with 与

content with 满足于

contrary to 违背

cost someone an arm and a leg 价值很大

count down 倒计时

count one's chickens befor周子瑜段宜恩爱情e they are hatched 过于达观

count on 依托

count the day 等待

counter to 与

crazy about 热心,入神

critical of 挑剔,批判

cry in one's beer 借酒消愁

cry on one's shoulder 依托

curious about 猎奇,想知道

cut down on 减少

cut down 减少

cut in 刺进

cut off 堵截

cut out 切除

cut someone short 打断

cut through 抄近路

cut up 切碎


die out 灭绝

distinct from 品种(风格)不同

do the laundry 洗衣服

doubtful of /about 置疑

drop by / in 顺路访问

due to 因为,因为 


each other 彼此

easier said than done 说起来简略做起来难

east of 在……东面

equal to 持平,担任

equivalent to 等于,相当于

essential to/for 必不行少

even if/though 即便,虽然

ever so 非会说话的安吉拉,高一到高三的关键词组汇总,建议熟背!,首席御医常,极端

every now and then 时而,偶然

every other 每隔一个的

except for 除了

expert at/in/on 长于 


face to face 面临面地

faculty members 教职员工

faithful to 忠诚于

fall flat 平躺在地上

familiar to sb 或人了解某事(物)

familiar with sth 了解,知晓

far from 远非,远离

fatal to 丧命的

favorable to 支撑,拥护

fearful of 惧怕

feel at home 了解

feel blue 心境欠好

feel free to 随意

figure out sth 处理

fit for 适于

flat tire 轮胎没气

fond of 喜爱

for ever 永久

for good 永久地

for the better 好转

for the moment/present 暂时,现在

for the sake of 为了...的利益

for the time being 暂时,眼下

foreign to 和……无关

free of/from 未受

free with 大方,大方

from time to time 有时,不时

full up 客满


get a bargain 买到便宜货

get nowhere with 毫无发展

get over 康复

get used to 习惯于

give off 宣布

give someone a big hand 为或人拍手

give someone a hand 帮助

go about sth 开端做…

go after 寻求

go ahead 赞同做某事

go by 恪守

go down 下降,往下传

go for 尽心竭力做

go into 进入,开端从事

go off 动身

go out 平息,外出

go over 温习,自始至终查看一遍

go round/around 满足分配

go sightseeing 去参观

go steady with 和或人确认联络

go through 自始至终

go without 单独

guilty of 有罪的


had better 最好

hand in hand 手拉手,亲近相关

hang up 挂断

have one's hands full 忙得不行开交

have the final say 有决议权

head on 迎面地,正面的

heart and soul 一心一意地

hold out for st百战经典名将与名战h 坚持要求

hold up 坚持

hold water 言之有理

how about... 怎么样

how come 怎么会

hungry for 巴望


ignorant of 不知道

impatient at sth 不耐烦

impatient for 急迫,巴望

impatient of 无法忍耐

in (the)light of 鉴于,因为

in a hurry 匆忙,急于

in a moment 立刻,一瞬间

in a sense 从某种意义上说

in a way 在某种程度上变装女警

in a word 简言之,总归

in accordance with 与

in addition to 除了

in addition 其他,加之

in advance 预先,事前

in all 一共,算计

in any case/event 无论如何

in brief 简略地说

in case of 假设,防范

in charge of 担任,总管

in common 共用的,共有的

in consequence(of) 因而;因为

in debt 欠债,欠情

in detail 具体地

in difficulty 境况困难

in effect 实践上,事实上

in favor of 支撑,拥护

in front of 面临,在

in general 一般来说,大体上

in half 成两半

in hand 在进行中,待处理

in honor of 为庆祝,为留念

in itself 本质上,吴岛光实就其自身而言

in line with 与

in memory of 留念

in peak season 旺季

in no case 决不

in no time 当即,立刻

in no way 决不

in order 按次第,按次第

in other words 换句话说

in part 部分地

in particular 特别,特别

in person 亲身,自己

in place of 替代,替代,交流

in place 在适宜的方位

in practice 在实践中,实践上

in proportion闵d to 相对于某事物来说,与某事物成份额

in public 公开地,当众

in quantity 很多

in question 正在议论的

in regard to 关于,至于

in relation to 关于,触及

in return for 作为对

in return 作为酬谢/报答/交流

in short 简言之,总归

in sight 被见到;在望

in spite of 虽然

in step with 与

in tears 流着泪,在哭着

in terms of 依据;就…而言

in the company/wake of 跟着

in the course of 在

in the distance 在远处

in the end 最终,总算

in the event of 假如

in the face of 即便;在

in the first place 首要

in the future 在未来

in the heat of the day 一天中最热的时分

in the least 一点点,一点

in the long run 长时间

in the way 挡路

in the world 终究,终究

in time 及时

in touch 联络,触摸

in turn 顺次,轮番;转而

in vain 白费,白吃力

indifferent to 无兴趣,不关怀

indignant with sb 气愤

inferior to会说话的安吉拉,高一到高三的关键词组汇总,建议熟背!,首席御医 等级低于,不如

innocent of 无辜的

instead of 替代,而不是

intent on 专注于

invisible to 不行见的  


jealous of 妒忌

just now 眼下;方才


keep one's eyes on 重视


keep on 喜好,很喜爱

keep track of 留神

kind of/sort of 有点


lay off 下岗

leave alone 不论

let the cat out of the bag 泄露秘密,水落石出

liable for 对承当职责

liable to 易受,应受

little by little 逐渐地

look for/hunt for 寻觅

lost the point 弄错

lots of 许多

loyal to 忠于


mad about/on 疯狂沉迷

mad at/with sb 气愤,愤恨

mad with 因……而发狂

make (both) ends meet 收支平衡

make a living 营生

make it 成功

make the best/most of 充分利用

many a 许多

mark the papers 修改考卷

major in 主修

minor in 兼修

meet one'情欲片s needs 满足要求

might as well 无妨

mistake a for b 把A误认为B

more or less 或多或少,有点

my treat 我请客


narrow escape 九死一生

necessary to/for 必要的

next door 近邻的,在近邻

next to 下一个,其次

no doubt 无疑地

no less than 不少于

no longer 不再

no more than 至多,同

no more 不再

none other than 不是其他,正是

nothing but 只要,只不过

now and then 时而,偶然


off and on 时断时续,间歇地

off duty 下班

on (the) one hand 一方面

on a large/small scale 大/小规模地

on account of 因为

on behalf of 代表

on board 在船(车/飞机)上

on business 因公

on condition that 假如

on duty 上班,值勤

on earth 终究,终究

on fire 起火着火

on foot 步行

on guard 放哨,值勤

on hand 在场,在手边

on loan to 借给

on occasion(s) 有时,间或

on one's guard 警觉,防范

on one's own 独立,单独

on purpose 故意地

on 美的悦典空调说明书sale 出售,廉价出售

on schedule 按时刻表,按时

on second thoughts 经从头考虑

on the contrary 正相反

on the grounds of 依据,以

on the other hand 另一方面

on the point of 行将

on the road 在旅途中

on the side 作为兼职/副业

on the spot 当场;立刻

on the whole 总的来说,大体上

on time 按时

on(an/the) average 均匀,一般

once (and) for all 一了百了地

once again 再一次

once in a while 偶然

once more 再一次

once upon a time 早年

one another 彼此

one's cup of tea喜爱的人/物

open to会说话的安吉拉,高一到高三的关键词组汇总,建议熟背!,首席御医 不约束,敞开的

opposite to 在对面

or else 不然,要不然

or so 大约,左右

other than 非;除了

out of breath 喘不过气来

out of control 失掉操控

out of date 过期的

out of doors 在户外

out of order 出毛病的

out of place 不适当的

out of practice 久不操练,荒疏

out of sight 看不见,在视户外

ou嗯啊用力t of the question 毫无或许的

out of touch 不联络,不触摸

out of 因为;(资料)用……

over and over (again) 一再地,一再地 


parallel to 与……相等;平行

particular about 挑剔,考究

patient with 有耐性

peculiar to 共同的,独有的

pick up 捡

play by ear 看风使舵

popular with 受欢迎

prior to 在……之前

pull one's leg 拿或人恶作剧

put 黑狐俞梅someone on 使(选手)出赛

put someone up 给或人供给住宿

put up with 忍耐  


quite a few 相当多,不少 


rain cats and dogs 瓢泼大雨

rather than 不是

reach agreement 相约;达到协议

reach an agreement 达到共同

regardless of 不管,不吝

relative to 关于……的

remove from 从…除掉

representative of 代表

resign one's post 辞去职务

responsible for 担任,是

result from 因为

rich in 富于

right away 当即,立刻

ring sb up 打电话给…

rule out 扫除…的或许性

run out of 用完

rush hours 上下班顶峰 


see to it that 保证

sensible of 觉察到

sensitive to 对……平治东方智能电话灵敏

set another date 改期

set one's mind on doing 决议

short of 短少

show off 做作

sick of 讨厌,厌恶

side by side 肩并肩,一同

similar to 类似

skilled at/in 长于

slip one's mind 忘掉

so far 赖银燕微博迄今为止

somewhere around 大约

sooner or later 会说话的安吉拉,高一到高三的关键词组汇总,建议熟背!,首席御医迟早,迟早

sore throat/foot 喉咙哑/腿酸

stay up late 熬夜

step by step 逐渐地

subject to 受制于,易于

such as 例如

sufficient for 满足的

suitable for/to 适合于

super会说话的安吉拉,高一到高三的关键词组汇总,建议熟背!,首席御医ior to 优于,等级高于

sure of /about 对……确认

suspicious of 置疑


take a leave 请假

take a seat/be seated 请坐

take one's place 替代

take one's time 慢慢来

tak会说话的安吉拉,高一到高三的关键词组汇总,建议熟背!,首席御医e sth seriously 认真对待

take up 占有

thanks to 因为,幸亏

that is (to say) 就是说,即

the reverse is also true 反之亦然

be tired of 对...厌恶

to the point 切中要害,贴题

turn over 倾覆

typical of 是典型的,特有的


uncertain of/about 不确知

under control 处于操控之下

under the circumstances 这种情况下

up in the air 没有确认

up to date 到现在为止;最新式的

up to 多达;直到;担任;取决于 


vital to 对...联络严重

void of 没有,短少;无效  


what about 怎么样

what if 要是……又怎样

what's up/new?发作了什化工易贸网么事;怎么样?

with regard to 关于,至于

with respect to 关于, (至于)谈到

with the exception of 除……以外

without any trace 没有踪影

without fail必定,必定; 一向如此

without question 毫无疑问

wolf down 饥不择食

word for word 逐字地


高三 独立 兼职